Monday, January 15, 2007

Fr. Perrone on Michigan Catholic Radio

Assumption Grotto's pastor, Fr. Eduard Perrone, was on Michigan Catholic Radio last night at 6:00pm, for 30 minutes. He was being interviewed by Elaine Babbish of The View from the Pew.

WCAR - 1090am, which feature the program, is often not a reachable station to many in the Metro Detroit area because of the weak signal. I was able to get it on internet radio via the Michigan Catholic Radio website.

If you missed it, you have an opportunity to catch it again at 9:30am to 10:00am tomorrow (Tuesday) - unless you work during the day or have school. All you need is a decent internet connection. If listening at the library or an internet cafe, take headphones and plug them in.

Just click on the Listen Live in the upper right hand corner and follow the prompts.

Father addressed many questions and packed an awful lot into a 30 minute timeslot. In fact, they even managed to squeeze in about a 2 minute clip of the men's chant which sounded beautifully over the radio.

Among those topics:
  • Sacred Music (chant, polyphony). Father said that chant uplifts us to prayer. Chant is special because it is prayer. It is rythm, beat and pulse free. There is freedom of movement. He also stated that the modal melodies provide unusual sounds to ears accustomed to modern scales. He also mentioned that the Latin Novus Ordo features choral works that have been around - some of them - for many centuries and it is a wealth of history to draw on.

  • Assumption Grotto's Latin Novus Ordo Liturgy. Not only did Elaine Babish have a chance to attend a weekday Mass, but she came to one of the recent Orchestral Masses and heard the Mass written by Gretchaninoff. As Father pointed out, this was probably on the second time it was ever performed in the United States and there is an unusual story (featured in this post) about how he came across this music. Elaine was impressed with the fact that there is a Latin Novus Ordo mass in the AM during the week (there are actually two - the 7:30am and 8:30am). Both usually feature Gregorian Chant. Father also pointed out that there are no shortages of daily Masses with the 7:00pm Mass in the vernacular yet. They also discussed how people are not left out of participating in the singing of the Mass at Assumption Grotto. He noted, for example, that even at Orchestral Masses when intricate pieces are done, we still sing the Act of Contrition (in Latin), the Our Father (in Latin), and there are other parts that are sung.

  • Reception of Communion via Intinction. Father addressed the issue of Communion after Elaine pointed out that Grotto-goers receive on the tongue at an altar rail. He explained that intinction is a recommended option for delivering the Sacred Species under both kinds. The norms do not permit self-intinction so Our Lord must be received on the tongue. He also explained that people have the option to kneel at the rail, which the vast majority choose to do, with the exception of handicapped and elderly who simply cannot do so.

  • The Charism of Assumption Grotto Parish. Father was asked if the sacred music was the parishes charism. Father Perrone stated that it is only a portion of the parish's charism. Asked what the primary charism was, Father pointed to an emphasis on strong doctrine, with opportunities for frequent seminars and classses (most of which are announced on this blog ahead of time when I know of them). He pointed out that many of these are led and taught by priests. The liturgy itself is also another part of the parish's charism. (I would have added Confession as one of the charism's of our parish. I'm convinced that Grotto is THE confessional of metro Detroit, with some of the best confessors in town)

  • Father's background: He spoke briefly about his becoming a priest and explained his musical background. This was an abbreviated segment of what you can hear via EWTN's audio archives when he was interviewed by Mother Angelica and Deal Hudson back in the late 90's and early 2000's.

  • The parish's 175th Anniversary: Father spoke about the history of the parish going all the way back to 1832. The interviewed went for a good 7-10 minutes into the 175th anniversary which began this January and will be celebrated throughout the year. He pointed out the many religious events and discussed the pilgrimage nature of Assumption Grotto with her outdoor Grotto and religious festivals (while Father didn't say it, I will: When we talk about our feast day it is not marked with carnivals, beer tents and Vegas rooms, but with many Masses, and a multitude of devotions and prayers throughout the day). He also talked about many opportunities to hear speakers at Assumption Grotto throughout the year and in particular made mention of our Fatima devotions which take place on the 13th of month where children do re-enactments of the apparitions. This is followed by a guest-speaking priest and this year they are working at lining up some great talks.

There was much more, but this is the best summary I can give in the little time that I have.