Thursday, January 18, 2007

Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen on "Life on the Rock" tonite

Gianna Jessen is not just a survivor. She is a survivor of a botched abortion procedure. The procedure left her with disabilities, but not a broken spirit. She, and her incredible story will be on EWTN's Life on the Rock at 8:00PM EST. If you have cable - don't miss it! If you see this too late - not to worry as they will show reruns. Just visit the show's website for upcoming shows each week.

Don't have cable? If you have a faster connection like broadband or cable, you can catch it right on the internet by going to the EWTN website, then go the menu bar at the top and put your cursor over Television, followed by Live TV - English or Spanish. Follow the prompts. If it asks you to save a file, just save it to your desktop and click "open", then give it a few seconds/minutes to load. You can watch any EWTN program this way. If at an internet cafe or library, just plug headphones in.

I will also try to tape it.

Her story is featured many places on the web and I have made a previous post on it with an extraordinary story of what Giana and a politician did in the Colorado Senate (awesome story if you are unaware of it). The politician, Representative Ted Harvey has also been previously on EWTN and on many radio programs, as well.

A website called, Abortion - Tune into the Truth TV has an article on Gianna Jessen

The UK Telegraph also featured her story.

Gianna has a website, which is still not operational, but appears to be coming online in February 2007.

EDIT: Nothing is beyond God's forgivess for those who seek it. If you have had an abortion, please see my next post.


GCC Catholic said...

FYI to your readers: EWTN also produces audio podcasts of their shows and they are available for download for a week after an episode airs. the address is

Diane said...

Thank you for posting that.

I thought about it after I was already on my way to work.

Sharon said...

The programme will probably be archived on the Life on the Rock audio documents.

I watched the programme, it was inspiring. That young woman is awesome!!

God bless EWTN. If EWTN didn't exist we probably wouldn't hear very much at all about the prolife movement.

Saint Joan said...

I just wanted to let your readers know about a couple of newsletters I receive. One is called the STOPP Report. This newsletter reports the latest news on Planned Parenthood activities, presentations, etc. It also provides links to resources for the pro-life community and information about ways to effectively fight Planned Parenthood. To subscribe, send a request to "" and type "subscribe" in the subject line.

The other newsletter is called the Friday Fax. The Friday Fax is distributed by Austin Ruse and is dedicated to reporting on pro-choice activities at the UN. (We must know our enemy...) You can contact Mr. Ruse at ""

Saint Joan said...

BTW, Gianna's story had me sobbing like a baby. I can't believe I've never heard of this remarkable young woman. Pro-lifers should start a grassroots publicity campaign, because this woman embodies what is wrong with the culture of death that has invaded our society—and has even been allowed into our children's schools!

God bless you, Gianna and Diane. Thank you for sharing.