Saturday, November 18, 2006

Time Magazine: Today's Nun has a Veil -- and a Blog!

As you will see, I decided to place an emphasis on vocations for my posts today - in paritcular, women's vocations.

I had previously covered the death of Bernie - long time Grotto parishioner and security guard. Please click here on details of Bernie's funeral arrangements.

Time Magazine is confirming exactly what many of us have been saying: Traditional religious orders are booming. I know the same holds true of priestly vocations. Where there is sound orthodoxy, there is no vocation shortage - male or female.

This is a decent article done by Time Magazine on today's young nuns - and it reveals their traditional nature. Go read: Today's Nun has a Veil -- and a Blog! As Dom points out in his link below, it's too bad they didn't expand on the charism of the Sisters of Life.

One interesting stat that was in there was the contrast between Mary Mother of the Eucharist Dominicans with an average age of 24, and another community (non-habited) which had an average age of 70. the latter is using "focus groups" to try to attract young people. All they truly need to do is look at any community with 10-15 postulants and novices and focus groups will be unnecessary. What is drawing so many to some, while others only experience a trickle. The answer is pretty apparent.

H/T to Thomas at American Papist

Dom has a good commentary up on this piece out of time, as well.