Sunday, November 5, 2006

More news on the Tridentine....

Some of the French Bishops have really got their dander up over the expected Motu Proprio by Pope Benedict, granting wider access to the Tridentine Mass. "Diogenes" at Off the Record - a blog affiliated with Catholic World News (, sums it up in a nutshell (emphasis and color coding mine):

Today the French bishops opened a meeting at Lourdes, and in his capacity as president of the episcopal conference, Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard made the opening speech.

In the course of his address, Cardinal Ricard used the word peur (fear) 11 times, and confiance (confidence, trust) 15 times. He was urging his brother bishops not to panic.

Why would the French bishops be inclined toward panic?

  • Because their parish churches are empty, their seminaries emptier, and Catholic parents aren’t bothering to bring their children for Baptism? No.

  • Because divorce, abortion, fornication, and sodomy are rife; and momentum is building toward general social acceptance of euthanasia and human cloning? No.

  • Because Islam now has more practical impact on public policy than Catholicism, in the country once proud to be known as the "eldest daughter of the Church?" No.

  • Because the Holy Father might sign a document allowing priests to celebrate Mass using the Tridentine rite? Yup, that’s it.

H/T to Fr. Z, who has more at these blog-posts

Whatever you do.....DON't PANIC!!!

Traditionalist "Violence and Arrogance" (do read this one to see an example of how at least one French Bishop is reacting, along with commentary from Fr. Z on the letter).