Thursday, November 18, 2010

40 Hours Devotion Friday-Sunday at Assumption Grotto

When I first arrived at Assumption Grotto on Pentecost of 2005, it seemed like not a week went by the entire year that I didn't learn something new about Catholicism.  Those things weren't "new", they were just new to me.  Like many who grew up in the 70's, 80's and after, Eucharistic Adoration was something I had not been exposed to until 2005.  I had never participated in a Corpus Christi procession - another form of Eucharistic devotion.  But there was something else that was in the treasury of surprises I encountered at Assumption Grotto:  40 Hours Devotion.   This can take on various forms, from continuous 40 hours, to approximately 40 hours over a 3 day period.  At Grotto it will be running this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (see hours below). 

There are some well written pieces that I have listed below on this devotion, and it's history. Learn about it.

Please come to Assumption Grotto this weekend and spend time with the Lord.  Right after, and before a Mass, there are often an abundance of people.  However, times like 2-5pm on Fridays, or late morning, through early afternoon Saturday, are low on people. 

I recommend dressing in layers and bringing something that may be a little warmer.  Some days we are graced with warmth, and other days the heater may be a little slower to kick in.   

I have had many older parishioners tell me that in the "old days", 40 Hours Devotion would go from parish to parish on different weekends through the year, and people and priests from other parishes would come, especially for the closing ceremony on mid-Sunday afternoon.  There are different traditions, with some having them just before the Triduum, and others around Corpus Christi.  Assumption Grotto has held 40 Hours Devotion usually the 2nd weekend in November, but it got bumped for a number of reasons to this weekend. 

The Grotto News simply says:
Forty Hours Devotion begins Friday, November 19th after the 7:30 a.m. Mass and closes at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 21st with a procession, litany and benediction. Confessions will be heard after the Noon Mass til 3:00 p.m.
Correction on Nov 19, 2010: Closing time for Friday and Saturday is 9:00pm.  See my latest post which has a low-quality video of the 7:00pm evening Mass taking place at the Sacred Heart side altar.  Adoration continued after the 7:00pm Mass until Benedict and closing for the evening at 9:00. 

I should note that the Assumption Grotto choir will be singing the noon Mass.  The choir always sings during the beautiful closing ceremony, which involves a procession within the parish church.  It includes the Litany of the Saints, sung in Latin. 

The Grotto News also draws our attention to something else that comes on 40 Hours Devotion weekend (conveniently, for those staying until the 3:00 closing):
Sunday, November 21st, the Ushers will host a Pancake Breakfast after the 9:30 a.m. Mass until 2:00 p.m.. Join us for a delicious breakfast Benefits will go to the parish. Adults $6.00, children $3.00.

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