Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Archbishop Burke... again!

A prefect of one congregation and a member of four others.

"Promoted out" of the US?

Ok - let's count 'em...

Also, this (emphases mine in bold):
On 7 October 2008, Burke was appointed President of the Commission for Advocates, which is responsible for admitting the world's qualified canon lawyers to a registry of those who may practice in the Vatican's courts - a sort of bar association. This post is related, but secondary to and distinct from, his post as Prefect of the Signatura (source)
Archbishop Burke is also a shoe-in to be named a Cardinal at the next consistory which is thought to take place anywhere from this fall to early spring of 2011.

'nuff said - LOL

ad multos annos, Excellency!

Edit July 28, 2010: Patrick Madrid has a good post up on this....

Edit Aug 8, 2010:  Added +Burke's membership on Congregation for Clergy and Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts to the main list, and the note about his presidency of the Commission for Advocates.

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