Friday, October 16, 2009

Medjugorje and the Battle for Souls

This is wild.  Another whopper from the site of Michael H. Brown - Spirit Daily:

Years ago, it was reported that Vicka Ivankovic, the most prominent seer at the famed apparition site of Medjugorje, had stated that the purported secrets there would begin when all belief in the apparitions seemed to be almost extinguished.

It is an intriguing possibility -- especially in a climate of ecclesiastic intellectualism (and skepticism).

Lost in Space robot in warning mode: Danger! Will Robinson, Danger!

Ecclesiastic intellectualism (and skepticism)?!?!?  How about objective fact finding and pursuit of Truth on the part of the Church?  This is a clear swipe at the Church because she is giving all the appearances of leaning against authenticity in Medjugorje. 

This article is even more incredulous.  It is written by Stephen K. Ryan of "Ministry Values" (my comments bracketed in red)

Bishop Peric, now it seems, is not amused with the fruits of Medjugorje – to him they must be stopped.

Now I am OK with that, really, as long as he has good reason for his decision. But, so far, from what I have read [on promoter sites], it seem it is a matter of he just doesn’t believe. [This guy is his own "pope".]

Well, I am not sure that is good enough for me. I need Bishop Peric to be our Dorothy, our Todo of the wizard of OZ. I need Bishop Peric to open the curtain and expose the phony wizard. I should hope by now, after twenty eight years, the Diocese would have all the smoking guns it needs. If they are going to say some negative things they should be ready to pull the curtain wide open. [He already has, it's just that people and promoter sites are placing feelings and experiences ahead of objective facts and truth!]
The same author just recently compared Bishop Peric to the bishop who had St. Joan of Arc burned at the stake
What we see here is the beginning of a battle for souls ahead of a "new direction for Medjugorje" as announced by Cardinal Puljic of the BiH bishop's conference

Isn't it kind of interesting that those who are attacking Bishop Peric and the Church over Medjugorje have some kind of business which profits from it all?


September 26, 2009 Three-Part Statement of Bishop Ratko Peric

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