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Photos: First Mass of Rev. Charles White IV - Solemn High Mass - Pentecost 2009

Fr. Charles White IV of Assumption Grotto was ordained with five other men by Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron on Saturday May 30th. Fr. White celebrated his First Mass on Pentecost at the parish. He celebrated a Mass in the Extraordinary Form (1962 Missal) and it was a Solemn High Mass. Newly ordained transitional deacon, John Dumas - also of Assumption Grotto - was the deacon of the Mass, and Fr. John Bustamante was sub-deacon. Fr. Paul Ward is seen in the photos in cope, as Assistant Priest. From Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described(Fortescue, O'Connell, Reid)(1):

....When a priest says or sings his first Mass, or first three Masses, he may be assisted by another priest. If it is a solemn Mass, the assistant priest may wear a cope. In this case many of the ceremonies performed by the ministers are modified.

A seat, a stool without a back, is prepared for the assistant priest (AP) near the sedilia, to the right of the deacon's place, facing down the church; or it may be to the lef of the subdeacon, so that the AP faces the altar....

Fr. Francis Dobrzenski, pastor of St. Joseph parish in Lake Linden, MI (Diocese of Marquette) delivered the sermon. Father was an instructor of theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and served as spiritual director of college seminarians from 1999 - 2002. Fr. Dobrzenski has agreed to send me his excellent sermon for publishing after he gets back up north.

Fr. Eduard Perrone, Grotto's pastor, was conducting the orchestra and choir (music will be repeated for Corpus Christi on June 14th at Noon).

For those wondering, the Assumption Grotto altar boys are wearing their festive white cassocks, with red shoulder capes. These are worn mainly during Christmas season, but also come out on Pentecost. Throughout Easter Season, and on Corpus Christi, the white cassock and gold shoulder capes are worn. Ordinarily, they were black cassock with white surplice. The liturgical season changes in dress is a long-standing tradition at Assumption Grotto parish.

You may view the photos I took in this slideshow, or use one of the links below to view it at my smugmug site in various ways. If you are a Catholic blogger or have a Catholic site, you may use the pictures found at my smugmug gallery for these photos, provided you link back to this post (copy the shortcut in the title or timestamp). For professional use in print, please contact me at

You can start the slideshow from the beginning by placing your cursor over to the left on the filmstrip and an arrow should appear. You can also change the speed. I recommend "fast".

Other ways to view the pictures:

You can read more about Fr. Charles White IV in Fr. Perrone's May 31st pastor's column. (2)

Please pray for all of the transitional deacons ordained this year, and newly ordained priests. Profiles for all of the men ordained can be found on this page at the Archdiocese of Detroit. May their words bring you hope for the future of Church in metro Detroit.

Archbishop Vigneron's homily is also up on the AoD's website.

[1] Posted edited at 8:00pm on June 2nd to include information about the Assistant Priest.
[2] Posted edited at 5:50pm on June 3rd to include link to Fr. Perrone's article about Fr. White.

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