Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sitemeter causing blog and website crashes

Example: Error you will see on the blog of Fr. Z using Internet Explorer until he removes Sitemeter code or it is fixed by the company responsible.

Any website or blog containing code for Sitemeter is likely resulting in the above error for those using Internet Explorer. It happeend to me last night upon attempting to get to my own blog. When the error occurred at Sitemeter, as well, I figured the two were connected. Sure enough, I found that many others with Sitemeter were experiencing the same and had removed the code with success.

I have removed the code from my site for the time being and hopefully, the folks at Sitemeter will figure out what happened. If you have Firefox or another browser, you would be unaware of the problem. It appears limited with Internet Explorer.

Here is the latest google news search on the topic this morning. Refresh it a little later and I think this will be the internet news of the day with perhaps tens, if not hundreds of thousands of sites being inaccessible via Internet Explorer.

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