Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fr. Perrone's 30th Anniversary Celebration - Grotto Style!

We were blessed with such a glorious day for the celebration of Fr. Perrone's 30th Anniversary of his Ordination. The gym at Assumption Grotto was filled to capacity with anywhere between 450-500+ people.

Father had the honor today of offering the first, Sunday Eucharistic Procession, done weekly in warmer months after the Noon Mass. Benediction took place in the outdoor Grotto area.

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The main course was roast hog, which went into the BBQ pit at 3:30am according to the guys cooking it.

A "Statue" was brought in and the kids were duly entertained. One parishioner thought to "present" Fr. Perrone with the "statue" and our pastor was shocked when it moved and presented him with something - a congrats on behalf of all present!

There was entertainment provided by many talented parishioners.

The entertainment included some vignettes. A beloved, elderly parishioner portrayed Mother Teresa. Some homeschooling kids sang for Father. And, there was a moving series of reenactments of Padre Pio.

A group of altar boys left Father, and the crowd, in absolute stitches from laughter as they acted out life as it is for them in the sacristy, and in the sanctuary.

Father was presented with some gifts.

All in all, it was a beautiful day. Below are images from the cards given to those participating today (front and back).