Thursday, July 19, 2007

Catholic Podcasts - Not just for iPods or MP3 Players

Podcasts are not just for iPods or MP3 players as you will soon learn.

I once got some really good content to share with you by listening to Teresa Tomeo's Catholic Connection on Ave Maria Radio via Sirius Satellite Radio in the AM, as well as EWTN's Open Line among others. I had decent reception since my desk was near a window. Then, there was a shifting of people and I landed too far into the building to get reception of Sirius. I took the plunge and got an iPod so that I could listen to Catholic podcasts, many of which can be found through places like those listed below. You have to sift through the kind of Catholic content you are interested in as these often cater to a broad audience, some of which is not entirely on my list of rich, orthodox offerings, or style.

It is through my listening of podcasts that I will bring more great content to this blog.

Disciples with Microphones
Catholic Podcasts
Catholic Tuner (one of my favorite places to get feeds)
Catholic Podcasting Directory (results by "Catholic")
St. Michael's Media (great for learning)

Father Z has a Podcazt category (scroll through the blank areas). It is more narrow in scope, often discussing focusing on the liturgy and patristics. These are of very high quality production.

Then, as I have plugged several times are the online homilies of Fr. Paul Weinberger in Texas. These are not podcasts so you'll need to tune in at SemperFi Catholic Radio online.

Many dioceses are starting to provide Podcasts. These include:

Archdiocese of Detroit, my home diocese.
Archdiocese of Denver - Archbishop Chaput (online audio but no apparent podcast)
Archdiocese of Peoria, IL

Even the USCCB has gotten in on the action by providing the Daily Readings.

You pick which programs you want, hook up the iPod and then it synchronizes each time you plug it in if there are updates.

WHAT? NO IPOD? Listen Online!
The good news for those of you without iPod's is that you can listen to many of these things online at your computer. One reader at Fr. Z's blog said that with his dialup connection, he uses the download option, then goes away for a time. It may take 30 minutes to download it on dial-up but if you ever listen to one of his "podcazts" you will see that it is worth the wait even on dial-up

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