Monday, October 23, 2006

National Catholic Register: New Website Offers Support For Adult Children of Homosexuals

What is often overlooked in debates over SSA (Same Sex Attraction) couples adopting, is the effects such a relationship has on the children. If we haven't experienced it, we can't know. Well, below I start you out with the beginning of a story in the National Catholic Register about an adult woman, who did grow up in such an environment.

A woman who grew up with a same-sex-attracted father has launched an effort to help similar people deal with the pain they experience.


Register Correspondent

LONDON, Ontario — She had every daughter’s natural need for affirmation, but that was something her homosexual father just couldn’t give his little girl.

Now in her 40s, Dawn Stefanowicz knows there are others like her — others who as children ached with silent hunger for that missing connection. To help them, she has set up the first website that specifically addresses the impact of homosexual parenting from the adult child’s perspective.

“It pierces the inside of you when you know the truth. Men who struggle with their own masculinity cannot affirm femininity,” she said. “Six-year-olds cannot tell you how they’re being impacted. We can’t comprehend what we went through until we’re adults.

“People aren’t comfortable sharing this, but keeping it hidden hurts children,” she said. “The secular media is not carrying the message that this impacts children long-term.”

Now an accountant and home schooling mother of two......continue reading SSA adoptions at the Register Online