Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sweet: Some wide, still shots, from Assumption Grotto with a GoPro

Some at the 9:30 A.M. Mass may have noticed me using a small handheld device.  It was a GoPro Hero 4. It's primarily for video and used extensively for outdoor sports, and a host of other things.

I think I need to get a lens for my Canon EOS 70D for this kind of wide, fish-eye effect.  There's a limit to the quality I can get with the GoPro. There are many more settings on the regular camera, especially for the indoor shots, but these aren't bad!

You really get the feel of what it is like inside the parish with this shot.  It is taken around the main intersection within the nave, about half way back.

This one is a bit blurred.  It takes quite a bit of pressure to push the button, which moves the camera.  If I do this again, it needs to be mounted to a tripod and remote snapped through an iPhone App.  Still, it is not my tool of choice because the same photo taken with my Canon EOS 40D could yield better options with how the lights appear.  I generally like a starburst appearance.

More from outside.

This is taken while standing in front of the grotto and shooting back down the walk towards the church. You see the statue of Bernadette off to the center, right.


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