Friday, January 17, 2014

On illness and blogging…


I've had gut problems much of my life, but nothing that affected my ability to work daily… until now.  So, I am on medical leave from work as I undergo further testing. Aside from abdominal pain, nausea and other unmentionables, eating is a challenge.

I do not discuss my work, or even my field of work online as I like to keep my online activity - which is primarily religious - separate from my work. Suffice it to know that I work in a technical field for a major corporation. Few people can claim to still love their job after 25 years, but I'm blessed in this regard as I find my work fun in the way crossword puzzle lovers enjoy playing the game.  I also work with, and for, some of the greatest people one could hope for in a team.  I suppose that is part of what makes work fun for me.

Similarly, I usually do not discuss my health online.  But, after some thought, I've decided to share something which might explain a change in some of my usual habits online, and at Assumption Grotto.

One test showed what appeared to be a problem with an intestinal artery, but a cardiovascular surgeon I saw this past Wednesday at the University of Michigan Health System was able to rule that out with another test - a CTA.  He got me an appointment with a gastroenterologist the first week of February.  I've been "scoped" from both ends several times over the years, along with other usual tests and they are always clear.  My GP thinks it's a functional gut problem and the kind of studies I need can be done at the U of M's Livonia location, closer for me than running to Ann Arbor.

I was using a work laptop (more of a workstation) at home when matters got more disabling, but the thing weighs over 11 pounds.  It's not exactly something you put on your lap, even with a cushion.  I was sitting in one chair that has now become too uncomfortable to sit in for more than 20 minutes. I cannot sit upright for very long without a lot of abdominal pain. So, I spend most of my time in a recliner leaning back about 45 degrees or more.  Using my Macbook Pro in the recliner is easy because it is lightweight and it is where I do most of my blogposts.  There's also a draft option that allows me to compose one ran indefinite period of time.   I do much of my Facebook and Twitter interactions from my iPhone, or Galaxy Note tablet, sometimes when I'm laying down.  In fact, I've been half asleep hitting those re-tweet and share buttons, at times, if that explains a stray tweet or share.

Aside from my prayer obligations as a secular Carmelite, I'm killing boredom with spiritual reading, social media, blogging, and wholesome TV programming, much of which is in the classic category (hence, my discussion of Wagon Train episodes in Facebook - LOL).

On Sundays I'm not always able to make the longer 9:30 AM Mass at Assumption Grotto.  Sometimes it is easier to go to the shorter 6:30 AM Mass where I'm not sitting upright as long. Other times, I opt to go to a parish closer to home.  I regret not being able to make the Midwest Apologetics Conference tomorrow that I signed up for, but I'm glad I found someone to take my seat.

My photography hobby at Grotto is pretty much on hold for the time being.  That is why I have not been taking many pictures.  And, the post-processing is done on my desktop where I have difficulty sitting.  I have unfinished photos from past events I may try to complete on my Macbook.

For those who have sent me things hoping I would post them on the blog, I regret that I have been unable to keep up.  I can't promise posting things, but I'll consider whatever is sent, if I have the time and the wherewithal to make a post.

In closing, please know that mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, I'm perfectly fine.  Prayers are always appreciated for physical healing, if it is in harmony with the will of God.

Col 1:24

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