Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today is a #Gosnell TweetFest and Facebook Share day

Michael Vick was involved in dog-fighting and dogs died.  He made headline news day after day.  Kermit Gosnell killed babies.  Have you seen coverage of his trial in your news sources?  He may get the death penalty and if that happens, you might hear about it.

Gosnell committed infanticide, delivering full term babies and killing them in the most gruesome, painful fashion.  The sanitized version of this is "live birth abortions."  That's an oxymoron because once the baby is born and breathing it is no longer an abortion, but a delivery - induced or otherwise. That they cried as they were killed is evidence that they were murdered in cold blood.  Perhaps the reason the media is largely ignoring it is because it tugs at the conscience: If it is murder to deliver a baby then kill her, how is it not murder to do the same thing inside the womb?

Much of the media has chosen to be silent, with a few exceptions, on the ongoing trial of Kermit Gosnell.  This is a man who made a living giving birth to late term babies (through the 8th month), then  committing a clear act of infanticide.  His attorney says a Grand Jury report is false, that his client did not murder viable babies born alive during abortions.  Right. Then I suppose the babies, some of them crying and showing other obvious signs of pain, forced their necks into the scissors held by Gosnell's hand which "snipped" their spines.  Not even the beef on your plate died that way. Read the Grand Jury Report for yourself. There is no comparison to Auschwitz, yet the attitude of those "in-the-know" and turning a blind eye to what went on in the "house of horrors" over 13 years of complaints to the state, has the same ugly roots of denial.

After a woman died and feds raided one of his abortion mills, they were sickened at what they found there.

Last week, after a twitter campaign to raise awareness about the case using the hashtag, #Gosnell, at least one celebrity picked it up, tweeted on it and got it trending which caused more tweets and re-tweets.  Apparently, Anderson Cooper of AC360 on CNN picked it up on Twitter and when he understood the case, didn't waste any time putting together a show that very night.  Here is a brief video segment from the show which will bring you up to speed if you had not heard of Kermit Gosnell due to a deliberate media blackout.

At the blog of Anderson Cooper for AC360 was this discussion with several experts.  Watch the whole thing - about 8 minutes.

They want to raise awareness again today, so blog it, tweet it, and share the information on Facebook and other social media.

The website, "Who is Gosnell?" has a page dedicated to helping you spread the word in social media.

Here is the twitter stream for #Gosnell

Why a TweetFest? From the site:
The mainstream media has all but ignored this case. Can you imagine the media reaction if the case were reversed and it was a pro-lifer on trial for 7 counts of 1st degree murder? 
We are going to make “new media” work on behalf of Kermit Gosnell’s innocent, helpless victims. The mainstream media is acting like nothing is happening, however – if we unite & spread the word far enough, we can FORCE the media to cover this horrific story. 
Why do we need the media to cover this story? The Gosnell case is the face of the abortion industry. Abortion brutally kills preborn children and exploits women. The Gosnell case busts open the lie of “safe legal & rare” abortion.

One last thing.  Love in Christ demands that we pray for sinners, even those who commit sins that cry out to heaven.  May God bring Kermit Gosnell to his knees in remorse and repentance.


  • Al Kresta had a discussion on yesterday concerning the Gosnell case and the TwitterFest.  Listen to it in the audio archive about 40 minutes into the one hour show. 
  • Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture has a good op-ed piece up: The Key Lesson of the Gosnell Trial
  • Steven Ertelt of has had some excellent coverage at his site, and he has been very active on Twitter and Facebook.  Visit his site and follow him in social media. 

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