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Pope Francis in the news...

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There are some things to which I would like to draw your attention (emphasis mine in bold)

First, from Vatican Radio: Pope tells priests to leave Confessional light on...:

Pope Francis had lunch with seven Roman priests on Thursday after celebrating the Chrism Mass in the Vatican Basilica. The meal took place in the apartment of Archbishop Angelo Becciu, Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State. 
Most of the priests work with the poor and under-privileged in the suburbs of Rome.The Archbishop has held this lunch for several years, and when Pope Francis heard about it, he wanted to attend.After the lunch, Vatican Radio spoke with two of the priests who attended. 
“He said, ‘Open the doors of the Church, and then the people will come in…if you keep the light on in the confessional and are available, then you will see what kind of line there is for confession’…The Pope said he was confident of the need of the people of God for priests to open the doors and allow the people to meet God,” Msgr. Feroci told Vatican Radio.

From his Easter Sunday Regina Coeli
Indeed, the Baptism that makes us children of God, and the Eucharist that unites us to Christ, must become life. That is to say: they must be reflected in attitudes, behaviors, actions and choices. The grace contained in the Easter Sacraments is an enormous source of strength for renewal in personal and family life, as well as for social relations. Nevertheless, everything passes through the human heart: if I allow myself to be reached by the grace of the risen Christ, if I let that grace change for the better whatever is not good in me, [to change whatever] might do harm to me and to others, then I allow the victory of Christ to affirm itself in in my life, to broaden its beneficial action. This is the power of grace! Without grace we can do nothing – without grace we can do nothing! And with the grace of Baptism and Holy Communion, we can become an instrument of God's mercy – that beautiful mercy of God.

Then Cardinal Bergoglio elevates the Chalice

Father Roger Landry, in the National Catholic Register, writes about the 7 ways he sees Pope Francis reforming the priesthood.  Here is one highlight, and a point I thought rather interesting about the Holy Father and Romano Guardini:

Sixth, he is calling all priests to live out the real spirit of the liturgy. 
After decades of enduring liturgical craziness, many Catholic priests were grateful for Pope Benedict’s leadership in the liturgical reform of the reform. Many focused, however, on the external reverential markers Benedict and his liturgical team established: Communion on the tongue to those kneeling, the crucifix and candles on the altar, the use of chant and the beautiful vestments. 
Pope Francis will continue the reform, but will focus much more on the interior markers. He shares with Pope Benedict a clear recognition that Jesus, not the priest, is the center of the liturgy and truly prays the Mass. He also shares with Benedict a profound love for the thought of the great liturgist Romano Guardini, on whom Pope Francis wrote his dissertation.

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/pope-francis-and-the-reform-of-the-priesthood#ixzz2PIqKsGM0

Having seen a number of his Masses as Pope already, I really don't think we are going to see a return to  flamboyancy in Papal liturgies.  There was a video going around with liturgical dancers and balloons, but some of that was supposedly edited in.  Also, there is the possibility of a Cardinal or pope being caught off guard by planners, many of whom are misguided, but well intentioned.  Those things are on their way out and I don't believe we will see them increase.  Of the many younger priests I know, they have no desire for these things in the Mass.  They have already been duly influenced by Pope Benedict.    I don't think that part will leave, and I agree with Father Landry, that what will happen is the interior markers will be enhanced.

William Oddie of the UK's best Catholic paper, the Catholic Herald, discusses the Holy Thursday Foot-Washing controversy.  I'm linking to his latest article not just because he quotes Father Z and Ed Peters on parts of their editorials that I agreed with, but for his op-ed in general.  Rather than excerpt that article, please go read the whole thing, right to the very end. I think he offers a good reflection.

Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture sums up another one of my thoughts...

Let's see if I understand this correctly: You say you can't respect the authority of Pope Francis because, by not moving quickly into the apostolic palace, he's denigrating the authority of the papacy? So it's the apartments that make the difference?  
St. Peter didn't live in the papal apartments. He didn't wear red shoes and the mozzetta. Yet he had authority for some reason.  
If you decide how much authority the Pope has, he really doesn't have much authority, does he?
Some readers have asked whether this post is directed at anyone in particular. Well, if the shoe fits,... 
By the way, Pope John Paul II wore black or brown shoes.

Just for the record, the Pope is not like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  He does not get his powers from red shoes.  Pope Benedict wore the red shoes made by a local cobbler, not an expensive fashion designer.

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