Friday, April 26, 2013

More reasons to read New Advent daily...

I've scanned and read  headlines at New Advent for many years now.  New Advent has featured some of my posts. The side-bar was recently updated to include some other items, such as these.  It gets updated daily, and sometimes more. Visit the site daily for the next few days and I think you will see why it is a Catholic's site of choice.

Speaking of Gosnell, Fox News will have a one hour special on May 5th.  The defense decided to rest without calling a single witness, and without Gosnell taking the stand in his defense.  Sadly, some of the babies were dropped from the case.

I hope the jurors are asking themselves a basic question: If the babies had died in the process of the abortion (these were full term), why did Gosnell feel the need to snip the spinal cord in their necks after they were out?  It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what was going on. It's called infanticide.

Oddly, the legal difference between the "abortion" and "infanticide" is mere seconds apart.  The full term babies who died in the womb at the hands of Gosnell were aborted. Those who survived the ghastly procedure were victims of infanticide.  If you ask me, it's all the same.

Is it any wonder why some networks refuse to cover this unprecedented trial? Why let a little objectivity get in the way of a left-wing political ideology to protect abortion at all costs.  Of course, they are already born, and have not suffered the pain these babies have. If they don't cover it, they don't have to think about it. Among the few liberals out there talking about it, is Kirsten Powers, who is a leftist on Fox News. She decried the lack of coverage recently in a blogpost at USA Today.

I hope the rest of America is asking itself, if it is murder to kill babies born alive amidst abortion, how is it not murder to kill them while still in the womb?

By the way, Life News has had outstanding coverage of this whole issue.  Peek in on what Steven Ertelt is writing daily, as well.

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