Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dr. Mark Miravalle's take-down of "Maria Divine Mercy"

I can't always agree with Dr. Mark Miravalle's discernment of certain other private revelations (i.e., Medjugorje, Ann a Lay Apostle), but I have to give him credit for his excellent analysis of the "Maria Divine Mercy" controversy.

Many Catholic bloggers were receiving emails about this, including myself.  People were sending me links to this during the Conclave and after Pope Francis was elected. I dismissed it out-of-hand as pure quackery, but I did not have time to go through it in a detailed way to explain why I felt it was bunk.

Dr. Miravalle has looked at these claims in light of the Holy See's criteria for discernment of apparitions and private revelations and he takes this thing down.  No serious Catholic should be following this alleged private revelation. It look Catholic on the outside, using the Divine Mercy name and all, but there are so many things about it that simply are not Catholic.

Go read his analysis on this phenomena and see why: A closer look at the false prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy. 

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