Thursday, February 14, 2013

Video: Pope Benedict XVI Meets with Clergy of Rome for Last Time

Pope Benedict XVI met, for the last time, as the Bishop of Rome, his priests.

I looked for full text, but it is not out yet, so I will link to it later.  Watch for a post edit.

There is much going on, including a press conference with Fr. Federico Lombardi right now.  I see a Twitter stream by the Catholic News Service coming from the conference as I write this, with quotes.  Click and scroll here:  They will likely have a link to full text of the address given to clergy a little while later.

I prefer not to read news reports with select quotes. So many things are missed and a great address or homily is reduced to a few soundbites.  I understand he spoke to the priests in Rome about Vatican II.

Here is something I just found at Vatican Radio.  I'm not sure if it is full text.  I doubt it: The Second Vatican Council, as I saw it.  

If full text comes out later this morning, feel free to drop a link in my combox.

Jacquelyn Martin/AP

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