Monday, February 25, 2013

Pope Post No. 2: Adopt a Cardinal heading into Conclave!

What a grand idea someone came up with!

Catholics, take note.  If you want to do something beneficial, adopt a Cardinal heading into Conclave so you can pray for him.  They don't tell you what sacrifices to make or what prayers to do - it's up to you.  Each Cardinal could have thousands praying for him.

The most important thing each Cardinal will do is to act on the graces given to them when they enter the Conclave.  They are mere men, subject to the effects of Original Sin that affects all of us. But in a situation like this, God's grace will flood their hearts.  However, God also gives to each of them, free will.  What we must pray for is that many more cardinals will act on God's grace than don't.

Now, please, go adopt a Cardinal and simply pray that he acts on God's grace in electing a new pope.   Right now they have English and German language options.  I'm sure it's open to anyone anywhere in the world.

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