Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson! Brilliant Speech at National Prayer Breakfast

Dr. Ben Carson's address at the National Prayer breakfast is getting more visibility and discussion than anything President Obama said. If you don't know who Dr. Ben Carson is, study up. He has broken one stereo-type after another, with class. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. played Dr. Carson in the 2009 movie, Gifted Hands which is how I became familiar with him.  Get it and watch it.  You will be inspired and uplifted by his rise from poverty to the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital (and some of the magnificent accomplishments that contributed to his rise).  Most especially, watch the movie with your children. I noticed Amazon was out of copies at the moment. Hopefully, it is stocked back up soon as I'm sure demand will go back up.  Dr. Carson is also an author of several books, which you will find below, along with other items (some for kids).

While there are definitely political messages in his address, including one that took a shot at "Obamacare" with "O" sitting just a few feet away, there are messages for all of us in his speech.  Parents, take note on what he says about how his mother raised him.  There is a reason he is so knowledgeable in general.

He also hits political correctness at the beginning.  There's a number of laughable moments which lightened it up at time.  His closing needs to be heard.  I fear his address will be reduced to a few soundbites that favored this or that.  It would be a pity. Listen to the whole thing from start to finish. You will be uplifted.

Link: Dr. Carson's Scholarship Fund that he mentions in his address.

Update: Here is a post-address interview (10 minutes) with Dr. Benjamin Carson on the Sean Hannity show.  As he points out, his address wasn't right-wing or left-wing, it was just pure logic.  He claims he's had a 99% positive response.


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