Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The Nativity | John Singleton Copley | 1776

Take a few minutes to watch this.  Hopefully, you have decent speakers.  Watch it to the end.  It is a  beautiful version of Pueri Concinite by J. von Herbeck.   It is sung by a young Jean-Baptiste Maunier of France, who is now 21.  The only translation I could find was this one:

"Sing, ye children; make a joyful noise to the newborn King. Sing in a
voice of prayer. He whom Mary bore has appeared. That which Gabriel
prophesied has been fulfilled. Behold, a virgin has given birth to God,
which divine clemency willed. Today he has appeared in Israel; a King
is born from the Virgin Mary, a King is born."

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