Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goofy CBS Video on Division among Catholics

I saw this video the other day and had a hard time holding my lunch down. It tries to paint a picture of division, blaming the division on the bishops, while giving a pass to people who dissent from Catholic teaching. So, who is really causing division?

Among the bishops targeted in this video, albeit very briefly, is Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit for his stand against the American Catholic Council, which held a dissent-fest here in Detroit this past summer. The ACC is an umbrella group for just about every dissident group you can think of. See my complete coverage and scroll here for several posts with news and commentary about the event, including links to diocesan communications.

With regards to the propaganda piece, just as with the ACC pictures and videos,  note the average age of those being interviewed, who are taking jabs at the Church.  Just once I wish the reporters would take a look at which kind of parishes all of the youth are going to and ask themselves where the real story is.  While parishes like Assumption Grotto in Detroit,  Ss Cyril & Methodius in Sterling Heights, Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, and Christ the King in Ann Arbor, and others with young demographics have some differences in spirituality, they are harmonious when it comes to a few common things:  They are Eucharistic, Marian,  love what the Holy Father is doing, feeding on sound catechesis offered by the priests as opposed to namby-pamby, go to Mass weekly, understand the power and grace of sacramental Confession, and hear robust homilies with the fullness of the truth.  I myself got just a little tired of hearing how much God loved me without anything substantive to guide me in loving Him back. 

Now, if you watch this video, be sure to chase it with the excellent analysis offered by Monsignor Charles Pope who blogs out of the Archdiocese of Washington.

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RC said...

Basically, it's a report of bishops' efforts to correct abuses and improve the life of the Church: good news all around!

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

LOL - I kind of thought the same after digesting it. The more the dissidents complain, the more likely we are headed in the right direction.

Joseph K @ Defend Us In Battle said...


You hit on something that I am whole-heartedly in agreement with... but would even take it a step further.

I was fortunate enough that while attending Ave Law, I got to go to CTK often. Youth flock there for all the reasons you mention, plus one... THE PRIEST.

Same with OLGC (all the priests), Assumption (Add to that St. Josaphats/SHM/Joseph's) and C&M... the youth and young adults love the priests. In them ... they find Christ, as they should.

Parishes should realize this, and more so the Bishops should realize this. Each of those places is VERY different spirituality-wise from one another, but appeals to the youth through authenticity in all the areas you mentioned. YOU ARE SPOT ON IN YOUR ANALYSIS. As a young-ish person who attended those places I can say, YOU GET IT!

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...


Agreed whole-heartedly about the priests.

Another thing I meant to point out is that the people are visibly pro-life. This is just not by the work they do to promote a culture of life, but by the witness they give with their families. Each of the parishes I mention, and similar parishes have a youthful demographic, and they are having lots of kids.

Just as you mention the people love the pastors because they foster environments that are fertile physically, vocationally and spiritually. Those same pastors have no problem talking about contraception from the pulpit. Can we say the same in parishes which are known to be a hot-bed of dissidency, and on the brink of extinction due to the lack of youth?

I will blogging on this in another post, so this is just my lead-in for a much deeper discussion in this area that I think many will find interesting. I don't want to give it all away here.

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...