Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catholic News Roundup | Thursday, September 22

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in his native Germany today. He tells the people he has not come to discuss politics or economics, but to talk to them about God.    If you want to follow the Holy Father throughout his day, and look back at his homilies, addresses, and even live or archived video feeds, you can do so at the webpage set up by the Vatican for his Germany 2011 visit.

The Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona is going to limit Communion under both kinds and specify under which conditions it may be distributed.  See the news report at Catholic Culture: Diocese limits Communion under both kinds, laments excessive extraordinary ministers.  At the bottom of that news report are links to the Diocese of Phoenix, one of which is a Q & A I recommend reading.

USCCB President, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, urges President Obama to end his campaign against marriage and religious freedom.

Medjugorje researcher, Louis Belanger, has a combox discussion in his blog with Andrea Tornielli after first dissecting an article written by the Italian journalist, in which he seems to be advancing the myth that the Bishops of Mostar were somehow in kahoots with the communists. 

At the National Catholic Register blogs, Jennifer Fulwiler explains, Why Virgiinity Matters.

Father Z fields a question: Why bother going to Mass when in the state of mortal sin?  Then, he unloads with hellfire and brimstone. 

Msgr. Charles Pope reflects on the sin of gossip, with a little help from St. Thomas Aquinas.

Dr. Gerard Nadal explains, in a very simple way, the relationship a priest and his bishop are suppose to have in a must-read post, Fr. Pavone and Authentic Freedom.   If you missed it yesterday, you might want to read Phil Lawler's commetnary: Fr. Pavone's last stand?

Patrick Archbold at Creative Minority Report says that Alberto Cutie (aka, "Father Oprah"), is a jerk (with good reason). 

The Michigan Catholic Conference applauds the passage of the partial-birth abortion ban: Senate Bill 160 passed the Senate 29-8 and House Bill 4109 passed the House 75-33.

Quote of the Day
I quoted this recently, and in the past.  There is a lot packed in here.  It is from Fr. Hardon's thoughts on "childlikeness"

[Docility] means therefore to be willing to learn from God and here’s the hard one: the willingness to learn from God not of course as though God will, though of course He might, send us His own divine angelic messenger, normally not. Normally God teaches us through the circumstances of our daily lives. Especially those most painful circumstances called other people. That’s where we tend to be less than docile. Openness then to God’s teaching us especially through all whom He places into our lives. It is great, great wisdom to be so disposed as to be ready to learn from and I mean it, everyone from the youngest child to the oldest speaking to religious golden or diamond jubilarian . - Fr. John A. Hardon

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