Saturday, February 19, 2011

A note about comments at Te Deum Laudamus!

Some months ago, there were some changes at Google and Blogger (which is run by Google), which seemed to require excessive log-ins even when cookies are allowed, and with the option toggled on to keep me logged in.  This has caused problems with moderating blogger comments.  For example, I will hit the "publish" link, and it will appear to publish, then I will find it waiting for moderation when I log into blogger itself, sometimes days later.

Unfortunately, some can end up in my private email spam folder, especially if you make several successive posts closely timed together.   Adding to this, Blogger has added a spam category and it can end up there, as well.

In my recent post, The Medjugorje Controversy, a commenter by the name of "Ed" had submitted several replies which all came into my private email account with a timestamp of 8:57 (perhaps not the actual time written, but when they got through Yahoo).  These ended up in my email spam folder, and were not seen by me until today when I went in to make a new post.  I found 4 comments awaiting moderation (3 by Ed).  These have since been moderated, but appear further up the chain when they were first made.
I know it is necessary to split up a longer comment between several posts.  Some will compose them externally, then break them up then paste the pieces in successively.  I have done this myself.  If you do this and you do not see your posts being moderated after a reasonable time, please email me at the address below. 


Some months after I began blogging, I discovered pornographic statements and links appearing in some posts.  These were made by internet spam "robots".  I toggled on the option that requires you to type in that annoying text, meant to fool such "robots".  However, individuals with immoral objectives, were not hindered from adding links to pornographic websites, and foul langauge.  Moderation was the only way to solve the problem and it is why most people I know, moderate today.


I have allowed the Anonymous option for one reason only:  The radio button that permits this, also permits the Name/URL option (which does not require an URL).  If I drop to the next level, it requires people to make use of an Open ID and removes both the Anonymous and Name/URL options.  People will need to create an ID to comment here.

I was hoping to avoid this, but since the vast majority of hose using the Anonmyous option have not heeded my note to sign it with some kind of tag, handle, name, or pseudonym, I plan to drop down to the Open ID option which will force people to use a handle. 

I am doing this for another reason.  People who often hide behind "anonymous" are often particularly rude and obnoxious.  As you will see in my thread, The Medjugorje Controversy, I have no problems allowing someone with a different view to post.  I don't post comments by people who act with less class than a lumberjack in an opera house.  In over 5 years of blogging, I can tell you that if a vile, obnoxious, and even slanderous post is going to be made on any topic, it will come from someone hiding behind anonymity.

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