Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Development on Nadine Brown and the Suppressed Intercessors of the Lamb

Nadine Brown during her time with the Intercessors of the Lamb
before the suppression by the Archbishop of Omaha

Archbishop George Lucas is further vindicated with each piece of news we get out of Bellwether, Omaha on the suppressed Intercessors of the Lamb, and Nadine Brown.

Back in October of 2010, Archbishop Lucas suppressed the Intercessors of the Lamb.  The vast majority of members supported the archbishop's actions and elected to go into his care temporarily.  Nadine Brown, along with a small number of former members, and most of the secular corporate board of directors (Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc), chose a different path.  About 10 days after the suppression, Nadine Brown issued a statement from the Intercessors old website indicating a new direction which would include "All Christians".  The Archbishop had asked Catholics to cease visiting their website and reading their materials because he could not guarantee they were theologically sound.  He pointed out that any money sent to them would be going to an organization that is not Catholic.  There has not really been any news since then, until now...

Kevin Symonds at Desiderium alerted me to an article at by Christopher Burbach entitled, "New Life for Intercessors of Lamb".  It seems that the "new life" Nadine Brown and company are heading off into is non-denominational.  Read that, it is not Catholic and will likely include non-Catholic views and teachings, not to mention an absence of Sacraments. 

After getting inquiries about a July 2011 conference they are holding, the Archdiocese of Omaha had to issue an advisory.  My emphasis in bold; comments bracketed in red:

Statement regarding the Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. July 2011 conference at Qwest Center Omaha:

Many have inquired about the recent mailing promoting the Intercessors of Lamb, Inc.- sponsored conference at the Qwest Center Omaha in July.  Catholics should be advised that Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. lost its status as a Catholic organization when the association was suppressed by Archbishop George J. Lucas for grave cause (canons 320 §§2-3) on October 15, 2010.

The celebration of the sacraments is prohibited on Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. property and at Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. events. Public worship – including the public celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours – is also prohibited on Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. property and at Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. events. [The Liturgy of the Hours, sometimes referred to as the Breviary or Divine office, is a liturgy, so yes - he can prohibit public praying of it.  People who attend this event, may confuse it with a legitimate Catholic event. I think Brown is going to do what Brown wants to do regardless of what +Lucas says, but the archbishop conveys the level of seriousness to the faithful.  Hopefully, having self-proclaimed that she has not been disobedient in any way, Nadine and all involved, will respect the prohibitions. ]
All priests and deacons attending the July conference are expressly denied the faculties to exercise sacred ministry, i.e., offering Mass, hearing confessions, etc. [I'm rather surprised, given all that has transpired, they aren't outright forbidden to attend.]

The mailing promoting the July conference also solicited funds from recipients. Donors are advised that their contribution will not be supporting a Catholic institution [and they would be supporting a non-denominational sect which has been thumbing it's nose at legitimate Catholic Church authority]
I can't imagine any Catholic attending such an event.  I have no doubts that the Intercessors of the Lamb - a non-Catholic organization - will continue to grow, outside of the Catholic Church and take a few Catholics with it ... sadly.

Pray for them.

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Nick said...

Let's keep them in our prayers.

Anthony S. "Tony" Layne said...

Diane: As a transplanted Omaha boy, I thank you for the update on the Intercessors. One small, nitpicky concern, though: " ... a new direction which alluded to including ...". To elude is to evade; to allude is to hint at.

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

LOL - thanks, Tony. I rephrased during my lunch hour.

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

BTW - recalling that text, it did not even allude. It simply referred to "ALL Christians" with the emphasis on "all".

Patrick said...

The good Bishop can only forbid his clergy from attending. By denying faculties to every priest and deacon he has guaranteed that all clergy who show up are held accountable.

Saundra said...

As I was just looking at this article (I already read it a few days ago), the word Bellwether stuck out to me. It makes me wonder if this is not indeed a bellwether for what is about to come in the Catholic Church. Will judgments and directives come down that will "force" others to leave the confines of the Catholic Church and go outside and join with other non-Catholics who share their beliefs? I can think of just a few hot issues that might breed such actions. Only time will tell.

Jairus said...

Being a former lay member, this is just so sad.

Anthony S. "Tony" Layne said...

@ Saundra: It may be. Thanks for leaving the quotes around "force", since it always remains with the individual Catholic whether or not to adhere to the teaching magisterium of the Church, even when it seems the exercise is a little heavy-handed.

There are many people out there who, without being nasty or judgmental about it, truly are "Catholic in name only"—they don't attend Mass regularly; they pick and choose what they want to believe (when they know what the Church teaches); they dismiss or deride what the Pope and bishops say. Functionally, they're Protestants or secularists already; as we get more priests and bishops who insist on teaching authentic Catholicism, they're going to feel pressure to "fish or cut bait". And I fear many of them will elect to cut bait.

Kevin Symonds said...

Diane, please be advised that the appropriately Latin spelling of my blog is "Desiderium" and not "Desidirium."

Thank you!