Saturday, February 19, 2011

So, is the right responsible for vitriol?

This post has been edited.  See video at the bottom of doctors handing out fake excuse notes to protesting teachers/workers at Wisconsin capital. 

I typically stay away from discussion in this blog of what is happening in the world of politics in the US, such as the issue in Wisconsin.  But, after watching the left-wing media attributing fault for what happened to Rep. Giffords to the "vitriol" of the right back in January (instead of to a guy who loathed politicians in general and hated the news), I had to make this post. 

Let's have a look at some of the signs held by some protesting changes proposed by Governor Walker (R-Wisconsin).

Can you see the "civility" of some of these protestors?

Here is a video with one lady trying to justify her use of this:

Nice, eh? It's just plain immaturity. I don't know if she is a teacher, but if she is, I'd pull my kid out of her class or turn to homeschooling.

Ed Morissey has more at the Hot-Air blog... like this one portraying the Wisconsin governor as Hitler and Mubarak. More sophmoric behavior? I suppose that would be insulting to sophmores.

I personally think there are a few idiots on both sides of the political divide who act with considerable imprudence and malice.  People should feel free to protest things which with they disagree - that freedom is what makes this a great country.  But people placing bulls-eyes over a political figure's picture, or painting someone out to be Hitler (whether it is someone on the right or left) is just plain unethical and immoral.
With that, I think there will be a "cooling off" period in Madison now that a winter storm warning with predictions of heavy snow and freezing rain now posted.


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