Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11: Memorial - Our Lady of Lourdes

From the official Lourdes website page on the apparitions:

1st ApparitionThursday 11th. February 1858 : the meetingAccompanied by her sister and a friend, Bernadette went to Massabielle on the banks of the Gave to collect bones and dead wood. Removing her socks in order to cross the stream, she heard a noise like a gust of wind, she looked up towards the Grotto : "I SAW A LADY DRESSED IN WHITE, SHE WORE A WHITE DRESS, AN EQUALLY WHITE VEIL, A BLUE BELT AND A YELLOW ROSE ON EACH FOOT." Bernadette made the Sign of the Cross and said the Rosary with the lady. When the prayer ended the Lady suddenly vanished.


The official Lourdes website has many interesting things (be patient on the feast day as the hit-load will really make the pages load slowly).  The site has webcams - many of them, so you can peak in to see what is going on. If you can manage to tune in from around noon to 2:00pm EST, you may get to see a magnificent candlelight procession, seen in the photo at top from their website.

This page here will have live video coverage starting at 10:00am local time in Lourdes.  If you tune in after 5:00pm local time, you might catch the big candle-light procession.

You can find nice wallpaper for your computer.

I'll try to add links later so you can reference it.

I have seen Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality - North American Volunteers profiled on EWTN and have heard them on Catholic radio. They organize volunteers who go for a time period to Lourdes to assist the many sick and infirm during their stay to the grotto area.
A final note about Bernadette, whose body is shown here, incorrupt. It is featured in the book on the subject by Joan Cruz. I have seen this in the Grotto gift shop.

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