Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Detroit was spared Chicago's fate in 2011 Blizzard (includes video)

I took a vacation day, even though we got less snow than what was predicted.  As I told my boss on the burning of the vacation day, it had more to do with the big package of stewing beef I bought that I cannot freeze (no space), than the snow itself.  Based on weather reports, I expected to be snowed in all day - a perfect time to cook... wait for it... beef stew. I could also see that the major road next to my house was unplowed with only the occasional SUV or truck passing. The main road was pretty empty as I peered out my front window for some time this morning.

This report explains why our snow totals were more into the 6-10 range than the 10-15.  I know many who are disappointed we didn't get the big history-making wallop, but I'm glad we were spared this...

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