Wednesday, February 2, 2011

23 year old puts law enforcment to shame on Planned Parenthood investigative report

By now, you have probably heard about the latest investigative report/sting of Planned Parenthood in which a clinic worker was coaching a person posing as a sex-trafficker on how to get abortions for underage girls.  Nancy Lopez first gave the story visibility yesterday.  The clinic worker has since been fired. But this is not the first, or last time we will see this kind of thing out of Planned Parenthood employees.  Here is the video if you have not seen it:

The sting is the undercover work of (high traffic was interrupting the main site, so check back if you get an error).  This is not the first time has exposed clinic workers of offering illegal advice, not to mention showing a lack of concern for the supposed underage girls who would be returned to the "care" of their pimp.

It also comes in the wake of the horrific case of the Gosnell case in Philadeplphia. The recent grand jury report on the case, in which the infamous abortionist was found to be delivering babies live then killing them in a brutal fashion, revealed 20 years worth of neglect on the part of government officials who turned a blind eye to complaints. On top of that, taxpayers paid the legal bills!

Now we have a 23 year old woman, and a team of young people with a camera, doing the very investigative work that law enforcement officials should be doing.   Abortion clinics are getting away with much more than murder, and it is all happening under the nose of authorities who simply do not want to know what is going on in these places. 

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