Monday, November 15, 2010

Young flag-bearing biker gets an escort to school....

In order to understand the second video, you have to see what prompted the parade. If you are already familiar with the story of the kid who was harassed by school officials to remove the American flag from his bike, then go to video 2.

Utterly, ridiculous when a kid cannot display the American flag on his bike.  Freedom?  How about suppression.  Reminds me of the kinds of things I experienced when I lived in the former Yugoslavia during the early 80's.  This is America!

Veil-tip on this one below to Creative Minotiry Report.  Unfortunately, this only covers the ride out.  Does anyone know if there is video footage of the ride into school?

Here's a news cast. Apparently, the school superintendent reversed the order, allowing Cody to have the flag on his bike on the way to school. There was a lawsuit filed, but not by the kid. Watch the newscast.