Monday, November 22, 2010

L'Osservatore Romano, the Pope, and the Condom Conundrum

All eyes are on L'Osservatore Romano in the wake
of an apparent leak of text that was under embargo.

Blogging canonist Ed Peters offers some thoughts on the latest fiasco at L'Osservatore Romano

The continuing mess at L’Osservatore Romano

While many able others are scrambling to respond to the eruption over the pope’s remarks on condom use by male prostitutes, I want to ask a few questions about the occasion of this public relations fiasco, namely, the decision by L’Osservatore Romano to publish prematurely, out of context, and without commentary, the single most controversial paragraph of the pope’s book, Light of the World, in, if nothing else, apparent violation of the agreement in place between its various publishers concerning a coordinated release of the work.
Continue reading Ed Peters on L'Osservatore Romano..... really.  He drills 'em.

A head in the sand at L'OR?

Further Reading:

There is also the not-so-clear, clarification by Vatican spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi (no disrespect intended).

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Nick said...

Yeah, it's weird. Almost spooky.

Chris said...

Ultimately, the responsibility is on the editor. He should be the last one to see anything before it goes to print, especially breaking an embargo of, in secular terms, your CEO (please).

Either he was sleeping, he assigned the piece himself, or allowed it to be assigned with full knowledge. All of these scenarios are inexcusable. The editor needs to be gone, now. As in Right.Now. I'd put it in all caps, but am refraining myself.