Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Birth or not" couple admit hoax on internet poll deciding fate of their unborn child

(click link to see photos and videos of babies in the womb)

UPDATE:  I no sooner made this post when Steve Ertelt of LifeNews sent out an email link with an update on this story.  It was a hoax. 

Go read:  Husband Behind BirthOrNot Site Admits Abortion Vote a Hoax at LifeNews.

Here's more:

I will continue with the 9 day novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe now that I have started it and will let her send those graces to where they are needed most.  See the link at the bottom of this post above the picture of her.

I will also leave what I have up below, for the sake of those considering an abortion. 

If this is not a hoax, or a study of some kind, it is absolutely horrific.

Please pray for a misguided couple, who have posted a poll on the internet, in which they invite people to cast a vote as to whether they should keep their baby or abort him. 

Illustrating an Atrocity By Acting Atrociously – A Chilling Website Approaches It’s Horrifying Deadline.  He explains what happened to poll numbers in recent days.  People are playing games and at the top of the list are the parents who initiated this thing.  They go so far as to provide updates on ultrasounds and health checks.  I couldn't stomach clicking that link at first out of Monsignor Pope's blogpost (which is where I want you to get it).  I couldn't believe what I was reading at his blog.

The site says voting will end two days before the last day they can abort, which they post as December 9 (Msgr. Pope shows it as December 3).

Perhaps they should take some time to go look at pictures watch some video of abortion at Priests for Life

For anyone even considering an abortion, make sure you know exactly what is going to happen to that baby during the process. 

Babies have survived chemical abortions, as Gianna Jessen - an abortion survivor shows us

They are dismembered while alive.   It is a horrific process that few can bear to accept once they see it.

9 Day Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Please join me in praying  a 9 Day Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe for this couple.  If this proves to be a hoax or a study of some kind, then we will ask her to apply the graces where needed most. 

Why Our Lady of Guadalupe?  She is the protectionist of the unborn.  Why?  Read about OLG here.

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