Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tonight is the night that Pope Benedict XVI has asked all to join him in a prayer for all human nascent life.  Catch the Vespers service in just under two hours from the time of this post on EWTN (Noon local time).  You can watch it streaming live in English or Spanish.  There are mobile options, as well.   It will be rebroadcast at 6:00pm

See my post on Archbishop Vigneron's vigil and other opportunites in metro Detroit if you can't make it out to St. John Neumann in Canton, Michigan.  Among those that I have thus far are Assumption Grotto, Christ the King in Ann Arbor, and Sacred Heart in Imlay City. 

If you are aware of other vigils, please drop them into the combox here so others will know.  I will only be able to moderate until 3:30 local time, so get them to me ASAP.

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