Saturday, November 20, 2010

On EWTN now: Replay of the 2010 Consistory of Cardinals

Cardinal Burke receives his red-hat (Photo: Teak Phillips/St. Louis Review)

We can now leave behind the "Cardinal-designate" preceding the names of the men named by Pope Benedict to receive the red hat today. 

It is now, Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Weurl, Cardinal Ranjith, Cardinal Bartolucci.... etc.

If you go to EWTN now, you can watch the replay on what was live at 4:00am our time here in Detroit today.   There are mobile options too.  Go to this page at EWTN to get the audio or video stream.

Also, see my Twitter feed for recent articles and posts on the consistory and Cardinals.  When I don't have time to make posts, I do go in and update my Twitter feed, so do check it regularly in the sidebar.  That is where I also place breaking news and other items I become aware of. 

See CNA's article: Pope tells Cardinals to be ready to sacrifice their lives.

See also the St. Louis Review's photo post from the event.

See New Advent for other articles.

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