Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Photos: Assumption Grotto at Night; 40 Hours Devotion Update

Assumption Grotto Parish in Detroit on a Fall Night (November 20, 2010)
Today was the second day in our 40 Hours Devotion.  Upon learning that it would run until 9:00pm, I decided to go later in the day.  I took my camera intending to capture what was going on inside the Church when I captured some outdoor shots. 


Grotto's pastor, Fr. Eduard Perrone, during Benediction
at the 9:00pm end of Adoration for the day.

There has been a change this year to how the Forty Hours Devotion is being carried out.  Fr. Perrone is using the 1962 Missal.  This morning, he celebrated the Missa Pro Pace (Mass for Peace) at the Sacred Heart side altar in purple vestments - something we will all have to wait to see again until next year.  This information did not make it into the bulletin, but should next year, because he plans on doing it again this way.

There is another change you will be interested in.  The closing will be a solemn high Mass called a Mass of Deposition.  There will be a Eucharistic Procession and the Litany of the Saints will be sung in Latin.  Members of the Assumption Grotto Choir and schola will be singing this closing Mass at 3:00pm.  

Of course, the ushers will be providing a pancake breakfast tomorrow, which ends at 2:00pm.  

A few more photos for your viewing pleasure....


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