Friday, November 12, 2010

FSSP Video on Vocations: To God who giveth joy to my youth

I learned about this vocational video through EWTN, which will air it on November 15, 2010 at 6:30pm ET. 

It is not just for men who are discerning the priesthood.  There are things in this video which will be helpful to anyone wanting to understand the Mass, the priesthood and worship of God. 

There are many people interviewed including some bishops.  Among those interviewed, is Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa, Oklahoma (who could forget what was probably one of the most profound homilies of this era, given earlier in the year, by His Excellency at a Pontifical Solemn High Mass at the National Basilica).  What he says about silence is true not only of seminary life, but of the the spiritual life in general, but much moreso for a seminarian and priest.

I like the discussion of holiness and the development of virtue.  Virtue is something which was rendered to the Smithosonian in recent decades.  In fact, virtue is loathed as is seen so often in popular television shows.  "Snark", sarcastic humor, and how well we tell someone off is valued more than how well we restrain ourselves.   Yet, the practice of virtue, is the imitation of Christ.  And, people are looking for holiness in their priests.  They are looking for something radically different from the behaviors they encounter in the world - examples that lead them to think of God, and to walk in the way of perfection.

The video gets into how the fog of namby-pambyism is lifted through proper catechesis, theology, philosophy (especially Thomism). 

One seminarian pointed out something I thought was quite striking.  He talks about it being an "education in truth".  He was in the Marines, which he says taught him "how" to do something.  But it wasn't until he got to Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary that he felt real learning began.  Says he: "It's not telling me how to do something, but telling me why I am doing something..."

I can relate to that after landing at Assumption Grotto here in Detroit, where I was thrown into an environment where the differences I experienced in the Mass thrust me into a very deep inner conversion about the very nature of worship.  Like a kid in the candy shop, I could see something spiritually profound with everything that was happening before me (or not happening).

Excellent video.  Watch it whether you are discerning a vocation, or are already in a vocation, be it consecrated life, priestly life, married life, or that of a dedicated single. There are some great things to learn about Catholicism in general from this video.

Please visit this page at the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in Denton, Nebraska to learn more about the FSSP and to get a copy of the DVD.  By making a purchase you support them seminary. 

I highly recommend also getting the DVD on the Consecration of Our Lady of Gualdalupe Seminary.  Watching the consecration take place in the Extraordinary Form was very informative and spiritually uplifting.  It's not something you watch in one sitting as it is about 4.5 hours long.  The sights and sounds are enough to transport you away, but the narration puts many things into context.  Understanding comes forth about things which we take for granted.  Going back to what that seminarian said about how he was being educated, the "why" is given throughout the video on many things. 

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