Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fr. Perrone's new hat; 40 Hours Devotion

Anyone who knows Fr. Perrone, knows he HATES wearing hats.  Not this one.  In fact, as Grotto's pastor proudly put on a [gasp] - baseball cap - before heading over to the parish Church from the choir room on a cold and blustery day to celebrate the Noon Mass, he suggested that Fr. Z probably wishes he had one.

Forty Hours Devotion
BTW - over the top of his head on the right (top photo), you might notice "40 Hours".  This is for 40 Hours Devotion which begins this Friday and ends Sunday afternoon with a beautiful ceremony.  It is happening about a week later than usual. There will be a pancake breakfast to help hold us over until the 3:00pm closing ceremony.  The choir will be singing the Noon Mass.  Asked if he was shifting the EF Mass from 9:30 to Noon, Fr. Perrone said it is not likely.  It will probably be the Ordinary Form in Latin.

Come and spend some time with Our Lord during Grotto's 40 Hour Devotion on Friday, Saturday, and especially try to come to beautiful closing ceremony.

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