Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Archdiocese of Detroit offers Q&A on dissident American Catholic Council

The Archdiocese of Detroit is not taking the dissident, American Catholic Council's planned conference in June of 2011 lightly.   First came the statement, with some strong, unambiguous wording several weeks ago exhorting Catholics, especially priests, deacons and ecclesial lay ministers, to avoid this conference and any related "listening sessions" being arranged in advance.

Now, the Archdiocese has released a series of Q&A about this event.  I give you the questions here.  Follow the link to see the AoD's response to what is below in html, PDF (black & white, or color).

1. The American Catholic Council is being held on the 50th anniversary of the beginning of Vatican II. Are the positions taken by the ACC consistent with the teachings of Vatican II?

2. The American Catholic Council is being held in conjunction with the 35th anniversary of the Call to Action Conference held in Detroit. Is the American Catholic Council in historical continuity with the original Call to Action conference held in Detroit, October 20-23, 1976?
3. Do some of the invited speakers to the ACC conference hold positions contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church?

4. Are the participants in the ACC representative of the whole Catholic Church?

5. Are there any valid aspirations of the ACC?

6. Is the ACC fostering alienation from the Catholic Church?

7. What's wrong with talking about controversial issues that are on the minds of many Catholics today?

8. Why can't Archbishop Vigneron let people make up their own minds whether they wish to participate in this conference and the listening sessions being held in anticipation of it?

Also, I have heard Ave Maria Radio host, Al Kresta, says that he would be talking more on this subject in the future.  His initial reaction can be heard in this October 13th segment of Kresta in the Afternoon.

More to come.

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