Thursday, October 14, 2010

Magister: Pope's best pupils on Liturgy are Archbp Ranjith and Bishop Schneider

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, ORC, distributes Holy Communion
at Assumption Grotto in Detroit when he visited in 2008

Veteran Vatican journalist, Sandro Magister has a new article up in which he speaks about Pope Benedict's liturgical initiatives, and speaks about who is following the Pope's lead... on distribution of Holy Communion.  Here is a lead in...

Ratzinger's Best Pupils Are in Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan

They are the bishops Ranjith and Schneider. They follow the pope's example in the liturgical camp more and better than many of their colleagues in Italy and Europe. One revealing test is the manner of giving communion at Mass
Go read what Magister has to say on Bishops Ranjith and Schneider....

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