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Catholic News and Posts I'm reading today...

Missionaries of Charity in Detroit visit Assumption Grotto when Rev. Robert McDermott, 

A few times weekly I will try to do this kind of post to share with you other posts and news out there. 

Any blogger can tell you it is impossible to keep up with so much.  Also, as you get familiar with the Catholic blogosphere and news sources which are loyal to the Church, you will find that each has a primary subject.  I tend to focus on spiritual stories and traditional liturgical happenings, especially at my own parish. I often like to look at the what the bishops are saying,with an emphasis on the kinds of things they do that I find encouraging.

Other blogs, like and First Thoughts will often dig into Catholicism and the political sphere (which is a great place to visit daily during this political season, especially.  Father Z will often get into some of this, but has a more liturgical focus, and you might find his "fisking" of dissident and secular pieces quite informative.  One of the finest blogs on culture of life issues is that of Chelsea Zimmerman who authors Reflections of a Paralytic.

Great reads today:

Archbishop Nienstedt is doing some bishoping once again in Minneapolis-St. Paul.  Says Archbp Nienstedt:

"We're part and parcel of the culture, so it's important for us to be involved with those discussions and have our say," Nienstedt told the Associated Press Monday. He counseled Catholics to "either be hot or cold" but not lukewarm on their loyalty to the faith.

"I believe that it's important that if you're going to be Catholic, that you have to be 100 percent Catholic," Nienstedt told the Associated Press on Monday. "That you stand by the church, you believe what the church believes and you pass that on to your sons and daughters and your grandsons and granddaughters."

Tom Peters at Catholic Vote is discusses a pretty good takedown.  Here is a good teaser...about NRLC's director dealing with, as Tom rightly calls it, a fake "catholyc" group:

Fake Catholyc group Catholics United hosted a conference call this morning about the SBA List hearing in Ohio. In their press release, they misstate in the first line that the Ohio commission ruled that SBA List made false claims in their billboards. In fact, in a narrow 2-1 ruling, the commission only found there is enough merit to the case to have a full hearing later. (Perhaps someone should sue Catholycs United for libel?)
Things got interesting towards the end of the call. As reported by the Washington Independent, Doug Johnson, National Right to Life’s legislative director who provided a sworn affidavit in SBA List’s defense, attended Catholycs United’s call and kept his silence until the very end, when he jumped in and started lobbing truth-grenades... read on 

Patrick Madrid talks offers some spiritual advice to a blogging Medjugorje supporter.

Relax. Settle down. Be at peace.

There's no need to obsess the way you are over what a tiny handful of people may think about Medjugorje. If some, like I, doubt that it's an authentic apparition, so what? Why does that rob you of your peace? Your most recent behavior indicates that you are unsettled, anxious, and worried about the fact that some are skeptical about Medjugorje. This turmoil and defensiveness exhibited in your recent public comments is not from the Holy Spirit.
Dr. Janet Smith and some Christopher West critics go head-to-head in a Catholic Exchange combox in an article she has published critiquing the essay of Dr. Alice von Hildebrands on West's brand of Theology of the Body.  I'm not going to quote anything here, but let you read the respective essays, and observe the ever lively combox chatter.

Blogging UK priest, "His Hermeuticalness", Fr. Tim Finigan, talks about Cardinal-designate Malcom Ranjith, the former Secretary of the Congregatio for Divine Worship, now the archbishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka.  For those who don't know +Ranjith, he does not mince words when discussing the liturgy and, says Sandro Magister, is considered one of B16's best pupils.

And, last, but not least, are Luke Coppen's "Morning Catholic Must Reads".  Coppen is the editor of the UK's Catholic Herald - a sound source.

That leaves one of my daily portal checks at lunch time, New Advent

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