Saturday, October 9, 2010

Academic Dean, ToB Instructor echoes concerns about West on concupiscence

I only have a brief moment to push you over to a new article just released at Catholic News Agency...

Academic dean echoes criticism of West’s treatment of concupiscence

I plan on making a post in the near future which compiles links to essays and articles from both critics and defenders of the Christopher West brand of Theology of the Body as it currently stands.

EDIT:  Do read the article at CNA, but then go to a piece upon which the CNA article is written at the blog of Dr. David Delaney.  There is a very rich and productive dialogue taking place in the combox, mostly amongst people with theology backgrounds who are bringing some great insight into the discussion.  It has been a dignified discussion, at least through the 30 or so comments I just saw.  St. Thomas and St. Bonaventure anybody? Go read: Concupiscence in the West-Schindler Debate at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex

I would like to note the following about the author from the CNA article...

Delaney, the academic dean of the Mexican American Catholic College, has a doctorate in systematic theology from the Catholic University of America. He teaches the Theology of the Body at the undergraduate and graduate levels and presents it popularly at parishes. He is currently broadcasting a series on Guadalupe Radio and Catholic television in San Antonio

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