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Anglican-use Mass
FLASH: Pope Benedict XVI announces "apostolic constitution" which allows groups of Anglicans & Episcopalians to convert en masse! 
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 Ongoing Series:  Ecclesia Semper Reformanda by Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Souix City, Iowa
On October 15, 2009, Bishop R. Walker Nickless released a pastoral letter which touched on Vatican II and the two camps which emerged.  One is aligned with Truth, the other has things that are misaligned under the guise of the "Spirit of Vatican II".  Bishop Nickless explains the hermeneutic of continuity and a hermeneutic of rupture.  He then discusses a number of areas where rupture has caused confusion among the faithful.  First, and foremost, he explains how it has affected the liturgy and our understanding of worship.  He then looks at how it has affected several other things including catechesis, marriage, family, and Catholicism in the public square.   We are slowly going through this pastoral letter so that readers may take just a few minutes out of each day to read a little more.  Excerpting this letter for it's strong quotes does not do it justice.  It is best to read this piece by Bishop Nickless in it's entirety. 

Local Bishop Speaks on Medjugorje
On September 26, 2009, Bishop Ratko Peric of the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno released a three-part statement on Medjugorje.  News releases covered only the two letters sent to the pastor of St. James parish in Medjugorje and one of the parochial vicars who had been writing reflections on "messages".  A series of firm prohibitions were reiterated, and some new ones added.  What has not been covered by most news outlets are the first two parts of that statement which explain heresy and error originating from the alleged apparition. It is best to read complete three-part statement in it's entirety to understand why this local Ordinary has come out so strongly against authenticity.  In addition, Cardinal Puljic of the BiH Bishop's conference has stated that he expects a "new direction" for Medjugorje out of the Holy See, perhaps before the end of the year.

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