Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Passio Domini Thursday Nights at Assumption Grotto

Just a reminder, that the weekly Passio Domini, led by the Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross takes place every Thursday at Assumption Grotto following the 7:00pm Mass. 

As soon as Mass is done, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament begins.  The reflections used during the Holy Hour, with the Rosary, often come from sources, such as those written by Padre Pio on the agony of the Garden (a sample of which can be seen here if you scroll down).  Reflections have also been used from, Mary and the Priestly Ministry - a classic which is great for priests, consecrated persons and laity alike.

We spend the hour with Our Lord on Thursday evenings because it is when he entered his passion.  It also guides us with the right frame of mind into Friday.  As the  holy angels worked to give Our Lord strength during His Passion, what comfort it must bring Him for us to offer up the evening to be with Him.

Assumption Grotto is not always the most comfortable in the summer, given the lack of air-conditioning, and most simply take the attitude that it is simply one more thing to offer up.  I often reflect on what it was like for people even 100 years ago, or today in many countries around the world where indoor climate control in summer is not an option.  Health issues aside, hopefully, such a discomfort would not deter any pious soul from coming.

The evening Mass on Thursdays is in the ordinary form (new missal), but is celebrated mostly in Latin.  There are often two sets of booklets on the tables near the side doors - one is for the extraordinary form (1962 missal) and the other for the newer Mass.  The one with a simple cover is for this Mass.

Won't you watch one hour with Our Lord?

"and angels came and comforted him"

The obedient are not held captive by Holy Mother Church; it is the disobedient who are held captive by the world!