Saturday, June 6, 2009

What to do with

In 2006, I purchased the domain name:

At the time, Summorum Pontificum wasn't even on anyone's radar. My intent at the time, was to develop a site with an array of liturgical and spiritual resources centered around the reform of the reform.

However, once the Traditional Latin Mass was opened to all priests, without permission from the local bishop, and Grotto started celebrating it, the many ideas I had, fizzled right out. Also, there are some sources out there providing some of what I had envisioned for the site, and those people are far more qualified. Much of what Fr. Scott Haynes has done at the Sancta Missa site, captures things I had envisioned, and it's even better than anything I could have put together.

I'm convinced there is a purpose for Right now, I'm leaning towards something more spiritual - a place for some deeper reflections on the liturgy through the words of the great saints and authors on the Mass through the ages.

Pray that I discover God's will for the site, and that he helps me to find the time and resources & skills to develop it.

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