Tuesday, June 9, 2009

USCCB's website for "Year for Priests"

As the "Year of St. Paul" comes to a close, Pope Benedict XVI has designated this coming year as the "Year for Priests". It will begin on June 19th, the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Also, St. John Vianney, who was the patron saint of diocesan priests, has been expanded by His Holiness, to include all priests. This is especially endearing to me, having been devoted myself to St. John Vianney since I learned about him when I was in my teens. Priests, especially young priests, have everything to gain by learning about the life and priestly work of the Cure d'Ars, who was dismissed as a nutcase by those whose dissident mold he did not fit. St. John Vianney was indeed a priest's priest.
There are some fascinating stories in the life of the Cure d'ars - St. John Vianney. I plan on sharing some of my favorites in the coming year.

The USCCB has opened a website in anticipation of the Year of the Priest. Do bookmark it and visit it periodically.

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