Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Must see EWTN on Wednesday: Fr. Frank Phillips of St. John Cantius in Chicago

From EWTN:

Tired of hearing about the closing of inner city parishes? Perhaps that’s why viewers responded so positively last month to EWTN’s airing of a documentary about an inner city priest, with no experience as a pastor, who revived a dying parish in Chicago. Now hear that pastor, Father Frank Phillips of St. John Cantius Church, and Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Joseph N. Perry discuss the transformation at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, July 1, on “EWTN Live” with Guest Host Father Joseph Wolfe MFVA.

Don't forget....if you don't have the EWTN channel on TV, but have something better than dialup, you can watch it on the internet. Go to EWTN.com and click on Television in the upper bar menu from the homepage, and then click "Live TV" and go from there.

Assumption Grotto has one seminarian at St. John Cantius. Please keep Matthew in your prayers.

EDIT @12:42pm....I had forgotten that a Pontifical High Mass was to be celebrated on EWTN at 8:00am today too involving the Cantians and Bishop Joseph Perry. It will be rebroadcast at midnight tonight (for those who can stay up or record it).

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Julia said...

I will definitely try to watch! Thank you for the heads up!

Mary B said...

Hi Diane,

Your readers will be interested to know that Fr. Phillips is also the founder and chaplain of the St. Monica Sodality, which prays for the conversion of lapsed Catholics back to the full practice of the faith and for conversions to the Catholic Church. The late Servant of God, Fr. John Hardon,SJ, was an ardent supporter of Father Phillips in beginning this desperately-needed apostolate.

The Sodality is a very powerful spiritual work of Mercy, and something positive that people can do while living with the harrowing pain and worry of having loved ones who have lost or abandoned their Catholic faith, or who perhaps have unbaptized or uncatechized family members.

People around the world have started praying in union with St. Monica and the Sodality which bears her name, and thus they share in the spiritual benefits of one another's prayers, becoming strengthened and sanctified themselves while doing so.

When you think about it, if only non-practicing Catholics alone were to come back home to the Church, or even just the average Catholics were to become fervent, we would not only be saving and filling parishes, but probably couldn't start new ones fast enough. Here's why St. Monica can help:

God rewarded Monica's persevering faith, prayer, sacrifice and tears with the graces of conversion for her pagan husband, her mother-in-law, her heretical and longtime-wayward son, and the grandson born out of wedlock to that difficult son. Quietly, Monica had been transformed by God into a great saint, and then He took that very difficult son and transformed him into a profoundly holy and faithful priest,bishop,theologian,saint, and Doctor of the Church - we know him as the illustrious St. Augustine!

Two chapters of the Sodality have been started up locally in the Detroit area, and others are forming in various locations in the US. Anyone can submit their prayer-petitions online to one of the existing chapters of the Sodality, or someone may be interested in having a chapter at their own parish - very easy to do - very blessed - and very pleasing to God!

More info can be found at:

Many thanks to you, Diane -you have been a tremendous supporter of the St. Monica Sodality of Michigan! May God bless and reward you and Father Phillips!