Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogging will continue to be light for a short while longer

As you can probably understand, my mother's sudden turn for the worse, followed by her unfortunate, but merciful passing, did not leave much time these last few weeks for ordinary matters like housework, paying bills, etc. To put it delicately, I wouldn't let the fire department in my house if it were burning down! In addition, my siblings and I must attend to my mother's affairs. She did such a good job of organizing her affairs that I feel guilty for not having done so myself. This, I must do, so that my family won't have to hunt-n-peck for pertinent documents when God pulls my time card (one of Mom's many expressions).

This having all been said, blogging will continue to be light for the next week or so. Many people are on vacation right now, as well. I myself am off for two weeks, which is very timely. I find readership drops substantially on holidays and during peak vacation periods.

I have not been updating Twitter either. Perhaps in a few days after I am able to stop stepping over things to get from one place to another in my house, I'll start there.

Many ask: How are you doing, Diane?
I'm doing reasonably well. As I have told a few people in the last couple of days, I believe I began grieving for my mother at least a year before she passed away. I was already half-grieved at the time of her funeral. I miss her dearly and realize now, just how close we were. We were truly friends. It came to my attention when I would instinctively go to pick up the phone to share something with her, or ask her a question - especially about cooking. She was the head chef of the family, and one of the best there was. I have many of her recipes and have made know, that stuff of European origine that makes your veins clog as to sniff it, but is ever so pleasing to the palate. Whenever I update my cooking blog, I'll let you know here. I am going to archive her recipes, together with mine, in the Old Country Kitchen blog. I haven't posted much there, but don't want to lose her stuff, so I need to get archiving.

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