Saturday, June 6, 2009

Archdiocese of Detroit: Profiles on New Priests

In my photostory about the first Mass of Fr. Charles White IV, I had embedded a link to the profiles of the men who were ordained. Many missed it so I want to focus on it again here.

I think you will have great hope for the Archdiocese of Detroit when you read their profiles in full. Each of them has a brief bio, and they address a couple of interesting topics. I see a common you? Talk about it in the combox (remember, I don't get to moderate comments sometimes until late evening).

Scroll here to read about each of these fine men: Meet the Ordinandi.

There are more resources available now at the AoD's website for the 2009 Presbyteral Ordination.

Please keep them all in your prayers, and ask God for more vocations. I am saying it here, and strongest sense is that we will see a vocations boom in this archdiocese, as will others. I don't just mean young men hearing their call to the priesthood. I mean, vocations to the religious and consecrated life. It may take 15-20 years, but I believe we will witness rectories with multiple priests, rather than a single priest handling multiple parishes. I also believe we will see a return of habited, religious sisters back in parishes.


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