Friday, June 26, 2009

Archbishop Vigneron's new blog; and, the Pallium

Archbishop Vigneron, along with those named by Pope Benedict XVI this past year, to head other metropolitan areas, will receive the Pallium on June 29th - the Solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul.

Archbishop Vigneron introduces his blog in this post: To the Faithful of the Archdiocese of Detroit. He explains the event, and the pallium:

The Pallium is a narrow band or collar of white wool, with six black crosses. An Archbishop who leads an Ecclesiastical Province (a regional grouping of dioceses) wears this vestment around his neck at Mass as a sign of his leadership and authority.

For me, this event is one of the great graces of my priesthood, and I’m sending this letter to invite you, who are part of my family of faith, to share it with me. To that end, let me say here a word about the meaning of the Pallium. This vestment is a symbol of my pastoral office and of my communion with the Holy Father and the other Archbishops of the Church, a bond that extends all the way back to St. Peter and St. Paul. So, I will come into St. Peter’s Basilica with all of you held in the prayer of my heart. As I kneel on the platform over St. Peter’s Tomb, I will be begging for two things from God: first that He strengthen me to be a good shepherd of His people; and second, that He help all of you and your families to grow in that same life and holiness that the Apostles handed on to us from Jesus. In return, I ask that on June 29 – especially at Mass, if you are able to get to church – you lift up in prayer me, together with all my brother priests, that we be filled with the love and courage and zeal that burn in the priestly Heart of Christ.

Click the image of Archbishop's blog below to get to his homepage. Others are blogging with the archbishop, from his family, and from others in various positions in the Archdiocese of Detroit, including those with him on pilgrimage.

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